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We’re building an advanced ultrasonic inspection and imaging system, designed for versatility across various object shapes. It integrates both hardware and software components, leveraging a flexible array technology. This system captures data from ultrasonic transducer signals transmitted across the flexible array’s elements, which can be arranged in any configuration. It uniquely features an automatic detection mechanism for pinpointing the precise locations of each ultrasonic element within the array, ensuring accurate imaging regardless of the object’s surface topology.

A patient's vital signs are displayed on a piece of medical equipment during an aeromedical evacuation flight Nov. 30, 2012, over Afghanistan. The 451st Expeditionary Aeromedical Evacuation Flight critical care air transport team's mission is to operate an intensive care unit in an aircraft during flight, which helps save the lives of critically Wounded Warriors. (U.S. Air Force photo/Staff Sgt. Jonathan Snyder)

Traditional ultrasound systems, prevalent in medical imaging and Non-Destructive Evaluation (NDE), utilize arrays of ultrasound source/receiver elements mounted on a rigid substrate. This rigid backing ensures that the ultrasonic wave-field is generated and received from specific, predetermined locations, a critical requirement for accurate imaging. This necessity for fixed element positioning has historically limited the application of flexible ultrasonic arrays, confining their use to niche scenarios.


Our advanced flexible-array imaging technology provides researchers and sports teams with a groundbreaking perspective on the biomechanics of the body in motion. This innovative solution offers a new approach to understanding human movement, enabling users to gain valuable insights that were previously unattainable.

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Who We Are

Jason Mullins
Jason Mullins
President, Director

MBA (in progress), BS Life Science, Electrical Engineering
10 Years of Experience leading highly technical teams in the Army.

Christopher James
Christopher James

MS Cyber Security (in progress), MS Information Systems; 20 years of experience in science-centric PR and Information Technology at New York University

Brittany Scheid, PhD
Brittany Scheid, PhD, MEng
Grants and Device Development

Bioengineer with over 5 years experience developing bioelectronic therapies in academia and industry.

Freddie Davers, PhD
Freddie Daver, PhD, MBA
Regulation and Strategy

20+ years of technology development, Medical device commercialization, Project Management and Business Development

Dale Butler, MD
Dale Butler, MD
Medical Consultant

Trauma Surgeon; Navy Veteran

Christopher Khan
Christopher Khan, PhD
Ultrasound Algorithms Specialist

PhD Candidate, Vanderbilt University, focused on ultrasound imaging algorithms.

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